Happy Easter

I’ve got good news: God knows this pain you feel!
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It’s my first Easter without seeing my best friend in her yellow dress for Easter or taking our annual Easter pictures.
In spite of sadness, my hope is in the fact that God knows this pain I feel.  I’ve only experienced a tenth of what He went through.
Let me explain. Millions around the world are celebrating Easter today. It’s one of the favorite holidays for most Christians. It’s a special time when believers celebrate our Savior defeating sin and death for our salvation.
 I can only imagine how God and Mary felt on what we call Good Friday. A conversation with my mother sparked this thought and my mind began to paint a picture.
For 3 years my mother watched my sister slowly die of a painful condition. She knew a time would come when her natural body could take no more and God would call Kayla to be with Him. I could tell those 3 years had left a significant damper on not only my mother’s life but her spirit. I didn’t see her spirit lifted more until she was reminded that God knew her pain.
It was an amazing woman by the name of Elder Debbie Hayslett that reminded her that God had to watch His son, Jesus, live in a messed up world for 33 years. That messed up world would be the cause of His percussion. God knew that His son’s life would be taken in the most embarrassing gruesome way possible. He and Mary, the mother of Jesus, had to bear the painful sight of their beautiful and innocent son’s death. God is no stranger to the pain you are going through.
My mother reminded that we only felt a tenth of what God endured. 3 years compared to 33 sounds like a walk in the park.
My Hope is attached to the fact that God is near and He knows!
That might not help you, but it definitely comforted me! The blessing to me is that He understands the pain my family is going through.  He gets it! And He sticks close to me. Psalms 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
I serve a God that sees my pain, understands it, and can rescue me from my crushed spirit.
That’s such good news to me! In my prayer time, before my sister passed, God would consistently remind me that though this would break my heart he would mend it again.
Easter to me now has a new perspective. It gives me hope that I’m not the only one that has ever felt the pain I do. And more importantly, the place I get my strength has endured this before. You and I are made from God and in His image. The same power that raised Jesus is the same exact power that lives in you and me! I pray that this will encourage you that God feels your pain and there is nothing you can not get through with His power!

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